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One-stop solution for CRM Development and IT Outsourcing that crafts stories of excellence with sheer passion and exuberance.

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DAM Network is known for its problem-solving approach and employing only those who are tech-savvy by design.

We began our journey as a web design & development studio in 2013, and now we have become a full-blown CRM development and IT outsourcing partner with illustrated experience of real estate CRM, inventory management, and learning solutions.

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Intuitive design

We focus on the ergonomics, aesthetics, and humane element of digital transformation.

Block-by-block process-flow

Our innovative process involves paying uncompromised attention while building blocks of the website or the app at hand.

Insightful analysis

Before taking up any project, we do a thorough scope and competition analysis to be better every step of the way.

Low on budget, high on quality

For over six years now, we are leading the way.

Services we offer

Our can-do attitude enabled by your trust

A resourceful CRM is all your business needs

We develop real estate CRM, school CRM, custom CRM, etc., that will prove advantageous to your business, be it query resolution, follow ups, documentations, and much more to boost your sales and marketing efforts.
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Applications stay rent-free in the users’ devices

We have years of experience in building iOS, Android, or Windows apps, you can count on us to make your entire business fit into a miniscule app.
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We add LET’S DO IT to IT Consulting

Your requirements can be numerous including process outsourcing, temporary resources, crucial advices; all of them have one solution, DAM Networks
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We make brands thrive for a long period in time

The recall for a brand depends on the storytelling, not on the spending capacity. Let us make it easier for you to pursue
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Brands need a great visual identity and smooth functioning

User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) is the look and heart of your business, we make sure that it resonates with the audience.
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The world is one giant database

Data analytics and modeling cloud databases compilation Data analysis is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.
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Digital is not a dream anymore

Times are changing swiftly and the digital era that we were talking about a few years back, is now here, completely, thoroughly. Let us craft your response.
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Our approach

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    Behind the screen experts

    We work hard in the background to understand and amplify your business till the last corner.

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    Quick turnaround time

    Our expertise helps us to build value-driven scalable solutions in a minimal timeframe.

  • 3

    Round the clock assistance

    Our zest to revolutionize your business goes beyond office hours.

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We add value to your patience, time, and money

From marketing to development, from queries to resolution, from masses to agencies to businesses, we cater to all sets of requirements.

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We add value to your patience, time, and money

From marketing to development, from queries to resolution, from masses to agencies to businesses, we cater to all sets of requirements.

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Our story, told via responsive websites, CRM applications, enterprise solutions, school management software, digital marketing & SEO projects, etc., that we have successfully created.

Let us write the next big chapter of your business!

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Hear from the horse's mouth

Some relationships last forever, here are a few of them
Precious pearls require precious care. That’s the reason we trust none other than DAM Networks as they know how to put the essence of our businesses in the minds of our potential customers. Happy to be associated with them.
Ajay Dave KIAH Diamonds
Kings United were going through a complete identity makeover, and we honestly didn’t know whether our largely hip-hop audience would be able to accept it with open arms or no; but, thanks to Dam Networks, the transition was quite smooth, also we have added at least a few million fans in the meantime
Tanisha Roy Kings United
We as builders don’t deal with homes or offices, but dreams; we are glad to stumble upon DAM Networks as our business partners, who know the power of dreams. Totally recommend
Tarun Nagpal Rajhans
Events mean going beyond the ordinary to create an extravaganza for the on-lookers, so that their one of few days/nights become memorable. We know how to do that, whereas DAM Networks knows how to ensure that the impact stays with them for the longest period in time.
Shefali Chadha One India Global Events
Our vintage-themed restaurants are relevant today only because of smart and conceptual branding by Dam Networks. Kudos.
Lavina Jain The Post Office
We outsourced almost every process that we had to them, the least I can say is my boss was not disappointed. Would recommend them
Neha Parmar Janseva Hospital
Our concept of alkaline water which looks kind of black has not gone down well with the audience at the start, all thanks to Dam Networks’ brilliant UI/UX team, they turned around our entire business.
Tamim Hussain Evocus